Hanks Place
148 Flora Road, Lumsden 9730
monday - friday 8am - 5pm

Neil Mitchell

Hanks Place supply a really good service to the local community. They have a great range at competitive prices and if they haven’t got what you want they’ll get it for you. We work a lot with effluent systems on the two dairy farms and they always have plenty of pipe and fittings. When doing drainage Hanks Place always have plenty of drain coil on hand - which is fantastic - they always have enough in stock.

I’ve been shopping at Hanks Place from the day I arrived in the district nine years ago, and continue to shop there. Robyn and Colin just have such great service and they always have what we need to help run the farm. They’re so much closer and more convenient to get to than traveling to Gore for bits and pieces and they’re open for a few hours on Saturdays which is a real bonus. They do all sorts, they’ve got a great range of tools and general hardware. Basically, at Hanks Place they always have what you need.

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